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The PNW has a lot of great hikes!

How to Plan and Pack For a Trip

A couple weeks ago some friends and I planned a trip out to Smith Rock. My friend Jon wrote a detailed email outlining exactly what everyone needed to bring. Check and done. Things were still forgotten. I neglected to bring Stephanie one of my spare sleeping pads, Jon brought his tiny Snowpeak backpacking pot which […]

A Great Weekend at The Smith Rock Craggin Classic

  This past week was a blast! I headed out from Portland to Smith Rock for the Craggin’ Classic hosted by the American Alpine Club. Festivities started at the Redpoint Climbers Supply shop in Terrebonne where we picked up our steel pints, drank some pints, and watched an awesome slideshow by the legendary Alan Watts. […]

Deep Dreams of Geology

Once one of my non-geologist friends uttered the words “trippy” while staring at a geologic map of North America that was up in the hallway. I agree. To the uninitiated a geologic map probably looks like a fairly random assortment of off-colors, blobs, blebs, sharp lines, and generally strange shapes. As geologists we are trained […]